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Dry quenching coke oven ring beam, cow leg special high-strength ceramic wear-resistant material

Brand: JHY-1


  Dry quenching coke oven ring beam, cow leg wear-resistant material overall production or repair.


  High strength, good wear resistance

  Good impact resistance

  Good thermal shock stability

  Good integrity

Construction method


Technical indicators



Bulk density


Compressive strength


Thermal shock stabilization


Abrasion Resistance









≥3 .0




At present, the domestic dry quenching coke oven body are brick structure, ramp area bull's leg, ring beam are made of refractory brick masonry, in the high temperature of the furnace, dust scouring, coke abrasion, etc. bull's leg by the ring beam and ring duct masonry volume expansion of the ring generated by the shear stress, the stress is concentrated in the bull's leg on the top and the lower part of the refractory bricks, resulting in bull's leg bricks fracture, peeling. Ring duct inner ring for the brick masonry cylinder structure, the inner ring perforation, collapse and other phenomena, most of the dry quenching coke ovens used for about 12 months, are the above problems. Most of the dry quenched coke ovens have been in use for about 12 months and have been forced to shut down for repairs by replacing the refractory bricks or dismantling the damaged parts and overhauling them. This kind of maintenance method has high investment cost, more personnel, long construction period (usually masonry cycle in 40-60 days); the quality of refractory bricks on the market is mixed, and it is likely that the above problems will occur again if the refractory bricks are continued to be masonry. Refractory brick production enterprise kiln encounter environmental protection production season, is unable to normal production to ensure the supply.

Based on the dry quenching coke oven of the above problems, my company's scientific research department set up a research project, after many physical and chemical index testing and simulation of casting test, developed a new ox-leg molding method, and applied for a patent (Patent No.: 2019214440344 ); for the ox-leg, the ring beam part of the research and development of a new type of high-strength ceramic wear-resistant materials, and apply for a patent (Patent No.: 2019108229774 ), and apply for a patent (Patent No.: 2019108229774 ): 2019108229774 ). Dry quenching coke oven ox leg, ring beam parts to take the whole production and damage repair, our company is responsible for providing materials and construction programs, short project cycle, casting good integrity, high strength, wear resistance, good impact resistance, stable performance, service life of more than three years, used in many domestic enterprises with good results.

The overall production of wear-resistant materials by our company shortens the construction period within 25 days, according to the normal production and supply of refractory bricks, on-site masonry construction of 40-60 days to calculate, the overall production of wear-resistant materials greatly saves the construction period, and brings considerable economic benefits for the coking enterprises.

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