New Refractories--Ceramic Wear Resistant Material

Ceramic wear-resistant material is generally used in the dust scouring very serious parts of the furnace use, some production of refractory castables manufacturers, the high strength and erosion of the medium temperature, scouring resistance, as a production technology to overcome the key points. Relative to the developed countries wear-resistant materials, we started late, can not meet the market demand, the vast majority of wear-resistant materials can only rely on imports, the localization of new refractory materials without delay. Ceramic wear-resistant material is the project, research and development, production, and obtain the invention patent certificate (Patent No.: 200710189737.2) by Henan Luck Cheung Refractories Co. From the establishment of R & D institutions, R & D issues, scientific research, data testing, put into the market, customer recognition, and a series of processes are carried out independently by Henan Luck Cheung Refractories Co.


Composition of high-strength wear-resistant castables

Wear-resistant lining body has a specific construction method and maintenance requirements, the Engineering Department in strict accordance with the initial development of the construction program implementation, if you change the construction method or lack of necessary maintenance, the strength and bonding properties will not be the best, it is difficult to meet the design requirements.


Scope of application of indeterminate refractories ceramic wear-resistant materials

Ceramic wear-resistant material is a good wear-resistant irregular material used in the boiler at present. In the use of furnace temperature process of high temperature wear-resistant castables for sintering, complete the necessary physicochemical process, in its own use automatically adapt to the use of requirements. The current circulating fluidized bed boiler with high thermal efficiency and low pollution emission, most of them are used in thermal power plants and heating projects. Furnace lining temperature in 800 ℃ ~ 1100 ℃ after a long time to undergo the dust of the strong scouring, and therefore the parts of the castables wear resistance put forward high requirements, the production of ceramic wear-resistant castables manufacturers are also constantly adjusting the process, and accordingly reduce the addition of fine particles, so that wear-resistant performance continues to improve.


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