Company Profile


Founded in 2001, Henan Good Luck Xiang Refractory Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, which is a professional manufacturer of ceramic wear-resistant materials for ironmaking, sintering, coking and electric power systems. Covering an area of about 30,000 square meters, the company employs more than 120 people, including 8 senior researchers, 25 engineers and technicians, with a registered capital of 55 million yuan. The company has successfully passed GB/T19001 -2016/ IS09001:2015 quality management system certification; GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 environmental management system certification; IS045001: 2018 occupational health and safety management system certification; and holds the third level of general contracting for electric power engineering construction/general contracting for metallurgical engineering construction. Grade II.

1、Equipment strength: fully automatic environmentally friendly batching system, uniform and stable products.

2、Environmental protection enterprise: the first batch of local environmental protection requirements to meet the standard enterprise, not environmental protection card control, on time to ensure supply.

3、Technical advantage: patented products, ceramic wear-resistant materials developer.

4, performance advantages: ceramic wear-resistant materials at home and abroad more than 1500 cases of supply and construction performance.

5、Enterprise reputation: no bank loans, no commercial litigation, bank credit AAA grade, tax A-class enterprises.

6、Research team: under the Wuhan Hengke Research Institute, 2 material science doctorate, 4 master engineers focus on ceramic wear-resistant materials research and development.

7、Construction team: 5 construction teams, 6 transportation vehicles. Engineering captain more than 10 years experience in leading the construction team, the construction task.

Wear-resistant lining construction parts are as follows

Blast furnace hot blast furnace system: hot blast furnace body, hot blast furnace hot air outlet, hot air pipeline all the three forks, round pipe and hanging system three forks, the new hot blast furnace and online hot state repair works;

Slag treatment system: blast furnace granulation tower, water flushing slag ditch wear-resistant lining project; steelmaking continuous casting machine water flushing slag ditch wear-resistant lining project.

Blast furnace pre-iron system: blast furnace iron outlet wear-resistant repair project; cyclone dust collector wear-resistant project; blast furnace coal injection, micro-powder vertical mill wear-resistant project; slag iron ditch cover wear-resistant lining project; slag iron ditch cover wear-resistant lining project; slag treatment system: ignition furnace pre-preparation project, water flushing slag ditch wear-resistant lining project.

Sintering system: Ignition furnace prefabricated parts, machine tail guide box, air box, reducer, elbow, riser, large flue and other wear-resistant projects; rotary kiln overall contracting, the mouth of the rotary kiln, the firm furnace under the mouth of wear-resistant projects;

Blast furnace ore silo system: blast furnace ore coke chute, chute under the weighing hopper wear-resistant engineering;

Coking system: high-temperature coke silo, coke tank wear-resistant project; dry quenching coke oven ring beams, ramp (cattle leg) wear-resistant project;

Electric power system: electric power circulating fluidized bed, all kinds of feeding dust removal pipeline wear-resistant project.

Ceramic wear-resistant products have been designed and used by Baowu, Hegang, Shansteel, Bensteel, TISCO, Shagang, Jianlong, Fangda, Valin, Shaansteel, Sangangang, Ningsteel, Zhongtian, Yongsteel, Pangangang, and other major iron and steel design institutes and iron and steel companies for many years, and they have been well praised after 19 years of market test.

Ltd. will, as always, adhere to the quality of casting the brand, product service industry, service to establish a reputation for the concept of cooperation, and constantly improve customer satisfaction, creating a higher standard of brand value.