Happy Labor Day 丨Lucky Xiang salutes the workers all over the world!

The working people are the greatest people in the world, they used labor to create the world, created mankind, created our happy life today. It is labor, built today's ten thousand high buildings; it is labor, built a modern information superhighway; it is labor, so that the huge earth into a small village; it is labor, so that the vast wilderness into acres and acres of good land.


Children's Day丨Happy June 1

Children are the future of the country and the hope of the nation.


Duanwu wellness, the good receive "dumplings" come!

Dragon Boat Festival is a very popular folk festival in China, over the Dragon Boat Festival, is the traditional habits of the Chinese people since ancient times, due to the vast territory, resulting in a number of different names of the festival, but also has different customs around.


The Chinese government has been working on a new policy for a long time, and it has been working on a new policy for a long time, and it has been working on a new policy for a long time.

In the golden autumn, the red flag is flying, the fragrance of ten miles of danggui, the air is filled with the sweet and happy smell. The autumn wind is clear, the autumn moon is bright, and it is another year when the moon is full. Mid-Autumn Festival, reunion with family, flowers and moon, eating mooncakes, riddles, etc. Eating mooncakes is not only a tradition, but also a good trust. The moon is full and people are reunited, spending quality time with family.


Teachers like light, although small to far 丨 Good luck Xiang wish teachers a happy holiday!

On this special day, we would like to say to all teachers, "Thank you!" Thank you for the inspiration and guidance you have given us in our life's journey; thank you for the love and support you have given us in the process of our growth; thank you for your silent dedication to the cause of education and hard work. It is because of you that we are able to stand on the stage in the wind and rain, let fly their dreams and achieve a wonderful life. Good luck Xiang wishes teachers a happy holiday!


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